Thursday, April 9, 2009


Bila tengok rasa ngeri..
takut jadi pada diri sendiri..
Minta perlindungan dari kamu Tuhan..
Utk diri sendiri,keluarga,sahabat dan jiran-jiran yg lain..
Dari perkara-perkara buruk seperti ini..

An email from a friend state that:

"Dear All,

This is what happened just last Monday. Spare some time to watch this video clip which was captured during the robbery from the cctv installed at the victim’s car porch.

It happened so fast that the maid and the owner cannot do anything as the group of 6 arrives in 3 motorbikes ambushing the owner when he and the wife arrive home at about 2:45pm.
The couple came home in 2 separate cars. The whole robbery took about 2 minutes only. They had parang with them. Look at how one of them treated the owner when he came out of the house during the robbery.

Trust me! it is worth your 3 minutes to watch this. Plz take precaution whenever you are traveling home especially if gals are alone.

Plz inform your parents and take precaution "